Carry Collectible Coins & Pins in your store.

Would you like to carry beautiful, unique coins and pins in your store? We offer a line of British Columbia coins with matching pins featuring the artwork of Tom Spetter.

Carry one or carry all five of our BC coins.

The BC in Blue coin features traditional and First Nation orcas breaching from the blue ring representing the Pacific Ocean, Salish Sea, and the inside passage where these orcas feed, play, and transit. The back side features the Fraser Valley, Chilliwack River and in the distance an eagle soaring overhead.

The BC in Black coin features the original art of a cougar while the back side of this coin has the Kinsol Trestle located in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. The Kinsol Trestle is one of the longest trestles in the British Commonwealth and possibly

The Canada coins feature the breathtaking art of Northern artist Robbie Craig. These beautiful coins were created as a tribute to our country, Canada! What represents Canada? Well we think it’s the maple leaves in the fall and majestic caribou, wolves, and foxes. Inspired by the untouched and rugged landscape of Canada’s north, Yellowknife-based visual artist Robbie Craig Captures the essence of the north’s beauty in his own unique style.

Our collectible coins and pins are perfect as a souvenir or a gift.