Our Services

Landsharkz is one of North America’s premier custom coin production companies – located in Victoria, British Columbia. If you want sensational artwork and outstanding coin quality, you have come to the right place! Our team of graphic arts and design professionals work with you to create your custom coin. Bring us your ideas, in text, artwork or concepts and we will make your coins a reality. We pride ourselves in turning out only the best coins.

Why are we different or ‘What do you get for your money’? Landsharkz offers varied services and are noted to be very different from many other coin production companies. Professional artwork and design are included in the prices quoted to you when we produce your coins. We will take your ideas, then suggest metal platings, production techniques and styles to make your coin stand out from all the other coins! After you approve our art, off it goes to the factory… we then work with them, sending revisions as necessary, to ensure that your die art looks as close as possible to our art. Shapes must be correct, lines must be the correct thickness and depth (we know the factory limits) and textures or finishes must be correctly identified. When we feel it is perfect to our standards, we will send the factory’s die art to you to approve. When you receive your final coins there will be no nasty surprises and you will have something you will be very proud to display and share with others.

Coin Manufacturing Services: Professional artists, graphics designers, personal service and flexible pricing options make the difference.

Coin Samples: When we produce your coin, you can choose to receive samples in a variety of finishes. We will send one of each sample to you to review and keep the remaining samples in our office as a reference. Occasionally we are asked to provide samples of our work to future clients and we will always ask before we use your samples in that way. Our factory has occasionally asked for permission to send a customer’s sample coin as an example of their workmanship and in this case we will also ask your permission first. A few of our most outstanding coins have also been displayed in their company catalogue!

Let us help you through the process: Call us before you get too far. We can help you create your art from your ideas, let you know what will and won’t work on a coin and help you create a special memento to keepsake to treasure forever.

Coin Production 101

If you’re thinking about having a coin made, this page outlines the basic steps. We can guide you through the process, but it will help you if you are familiar with some of the following:

The Coins: The coins themselves are usually die struck brass with metal plating that gives the coin its finish. The whole process involves the following steps:

  1. Artwork is usually developed by us, to your specifications. Even if you develop the art, modifications are usually required to enable the image to be adapted to coin manufacturing.
  2. Once the art is ready, it is sent to the factory where their senior die-artist re-draws the art in preparation to make the dies. This die-ready art is then sent back to us for approval, comments and edits.
  3. When we approve the die-ready art, the factory creates the dies that will be used to stamp the image onto the coin surface.
  4. If there is time, sample coins are made, painted and sent to you for approval prior to making the production run. If we’re in a hurry, we may approve the samples by photo rather than in-hand or produced straight from the art.
  5. Once the samples are approved, the coins are then produced en-mass.

Coins are usually minted in lots of 100 to 1000… the price per-coin is cheaper if more coins are produced. Prices vary widely and will depend on size, shape, number of colours, metal finishes and quantities minted.