Corporate Challenge and Recognition Coins

Oh Canada! We stand on Guard for thee!

The Canadian Forces is our largest client group, and for good reason. Our military men and women serve our country with a sense of pride, history and tradition. Sharkzcoins’ chief designer – Chris Edley – is a retired naval officer and graphic arts professional… he understands this military sense of service and expertly incorporates it into all of our challenge coins.

We work hard to maintain an incredibly high standard, but don’t take it from us; you can hear what our clients have to say in a sampling of their incredible testimonials. The greatest testimonial of all however is when you refer us to your friends or come back to us for subsequent coins when posted to new units or deployed on Missions to serve, protect or train overseas.

Emergency Services coins are an ideal keepsake for fire fighters, police, security services, search and rescue teams and other emergency personnel. Coins help solidify your team’s camaraderie, recognize achievement and celebrate accomplishments.

Corporate clients bring awesome brands that we get to design into cool commemorative coins. Corporate clients also include companies or individuals who sell to support a cause. If you’re doing this, please alert us, because we can suggest marketing avenues and we might be able to Tweet about it, post it on our corporate Facebook Page, or even include your coin in our newsletter. All these promotional services are provided at no cost at all when you choose to work with us.

Many parks and tourism departments have found that geocaching programs and collectible coins are a great way to entice new visitors to their parks. If you are thinking of implementing a geocaching program and you’re not sure where to start, please drop us a line and we can put you in touch with some respected geocachers in your province/state who could help you with the ins and outs of hiding and listing geocaches, as well as give you tips to host an event to launch your program. We do have contacts worldwide, but our quickest database is of course Canadian cachers. We have geocached and attended geocaching events in almost every province in Canada and really do know cachers from coast to coast to coast. You want connections? You’ve come to the right place!

If you’re on a tight budget, we can suggest ways to keep the coin price down, but still create a cool collectible and unique coin. You may not have two-tone metal plating, but it will still be outstanding! We guarantee it, because our name is behind it!

Geocachers and geocaching coins are where we started our custom coin production arm of our business. In 2005, we designed and produced the first British Columbia geocoin and we haven’t looked back!

Landsharkz is the home of Canadian Cacher and Making Tracks brands.